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Three reasons why you should always wear a watch

Initially, a watch was seen as a silly trend. But soon, it became a norm to wear watches. Watch is something that men and women used to put on their wrists every day. As the cell phones are becoming more common, the use of watches is decreasing. Even though you can use your cellphone to look at the time, here are three reasons why you should always wear a watch.

1. It makes you more punctual and conscientious

Scientific studies have proven that people who wear watches all the time are more punctual than those who don’t. Watch also keeps people alert of the time and makes them sensible. A watch represents time in a better way than your smartphone. It reminds you that time is moving and tells you that you must do all the things that you have planned. Otherwise the time will pass by.

2. It makes life easier

Watches make life easier. Watches now come with many features. Some watches are water resistant; some can be used as a stop watch. There are now smart watches that can count your heart rate or that can be synchronized with your smartphone. All these featues make watch very useful other than just showing time.

3. It shows off your personality

Watches express our personality. It can tell a lot about your personality and character. A watch is your signature piece. Your dress up is incomplete without a watch.

A watch is an accessory that you can wear every day. You can have a collection of watches that you can wear with your various outfits. You can look for a watch that blends with your lifestyle.


Five amazing tips on improving the quality of your service

A good watch service will bring your watch back to the original working order. A good watch contractor will look at the watch from inside and out to make sure that it works correctly. Servicing watch is important as it sometimes holds emotional meaning to us. So, your watch must be in good hands. If you are a watch contractor, you need to take care of the client’s watches. Here are some tips on improving the quality of your service as a watch contractor.

1. Be careful when cleaning the watch

Before cleaning the watch, you must make sure that it’s waterproof. You should use soft material like a toothbrush and mild detergent to clean it. There shouldn’t be any soap left behind. You should dry the watch properly before assembling it again. If any water or soap is left behind, it may cause damage to the watch.

2. Make sure you check everything during a full service

A full service means doing some checks. First, take the back off carefully and look at it to identify problems. The oil may dry out, or the gaskets may degrade. You can wash the watch with special oil or grease that works well for watches. You may have to add new oil to keep the mechanics run smoothly. Then you can repair any worn out or dysfunctional parts if needed.

3. Provide something extra

Your watch can run too fast or too slow. In such can you need to adjust the timing. A good contractor can fix the problem quickly. Besides this, the contractor will also offer a complimentary service of cleaning the watch. A good contractor will polish all the parts including the strap.

4. Do the servicing slowly and carefully

Watch repairing is a very sensitive work. There are lots of small parts in a watch. After you disassemble the watch, be very careful so that you don’t lose any parts. You also need to handle the watch softly. You shouldn’t take up too many works together. You should go slow to do the servicing works perfectly.

5. Always smile and give an excellent customer service

You must provide an excellent customer service to your clients. Always greet the customer with a smile. Be truthful to the client. If the watch cannot be repaired or needs expensive parts to be replaced, tell the customers straight away.

You must service your watch regularly to have it in a good working condition. This will let you enjoy the watch for a long time. Service your watch before it reaches a stage when it cannot be fixed anymore.

Four characteristics all great contractor watches have

Contractor watches are designed and made by those who are experts in the field. They know everything about the construction of a watch, it’s mechanism and functionalities. Here are some major characteristics of great contractor watches

High-quality material


The watches are constructed using high-quality materials. The face of the watch is usually made of stainless steel so that it lasts longer. The straps are either of stainless steel or leather. Both have very high quality.

Can be personalized


One of the unique features of the contractor watches is that they can be personalized. You can add your name, picture, design, text, etc. to the face of the watch. This makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.



Contractor watches can be found for men, women, and kids. They are ideal for wearing for any occasion. Some watches are specially designed for particular purposes. Some adventure watches are well constructed to withstand pressure. There are water resistant watches that you can wear even when diving. You can find a watch for every purpose.



The watches are very affordable despite the high quality and functionality. These watches don’t have the high brand price tag.

These watches have been used by people for many years. People loved the craftsmanship of these watches for generations. These are good watches that will last a long time and give a unique appeal. It can be fun to personalize the watch the way you want to. You should have it in your collection.